You have received an invitation from Source energy in this time. 

Everything that was prior to the lockdown is now amplified.  Good is now great, difficult is now expendable.   

These are just two sides to the invitation of Source to look deeply into yourself and honestly assess what serves you. Choose what opens your heart and feels light and easy.  Choose grace and find the Source of your inner light. 

Believe, Achieve, Create and Thrive

Are you ready to awaken and to tap into what fully excites and drives you? To dive into your aliveness and your truth?

I am here to empower, support and reassure you that you can confidently move toward what you want.

I hold space for you in this beautiful process and transition as it unfolds.

I hold space for you to step into your new, limitless understanding of your world for the greatest good of all.

Our sessions together are full of true connection, sharing of practical and spiritual tools and powerful heart-centered guidance.  

Ready to harness the boundless imaginative power of your opening heart, mind, and soul?

Bring creative solutions to real-life challenges.

Live life from a place of deeply connected, authentic joy.

Pay what you can

Dreaming up a new way forward

Each of us has had time during Covid to slow down and experience life within a different framework.  As we all consider the reopening of life to the next phase, I am grateful that my experience, so far, has allowed me to take time to feel into what I love about my life and what I am unwilling to return to   It has been an opportunity to do for myself what I often do for my clients: to dream into being the highest version of what I want privately, professionally, emotionally and spiritually.

This means taking my offerings to a new spiritual level.

When I went to my first Vipassana sitting, I was drawn to the message of Dhana or donation, and saw that if services were truly given by donation that the benefit for the greatest number of people would be amplified.  And from the beginning of this change,  I knew and embraced, that we could never return to life or business as it was.  Values are thankfully shifting to community and global wellness and so too, is my approach to healing and spiritual work.

To this end, from now on, all my services will all be offered by donation.  You can value the service based on the good that you receive.  Pay what you can.  It is in the spirit of generosity and love that I will pay it forward.

I look forward to this exciting new phase of my journey, our lives together and all the benefits that we will manifest.

What can you expect from our sessions? :


  • Establish with your connection to Higher Power
  • A shift in perspective, clearer life meaning, and enthusiasm
  • Alignment of heart, mind, body and soul.
  • Regain natural balance, self-connection and health
  • ​Address/relieve chronic issues that are related to the stress of soul disconnection
  • Email or phone support between session
  • Better sleep, higher, cleaner energy
“My experience with Janet has been fantastic. I was drawn to it more by curiosity and the knowing I had a great weight hanging over me that I couldn’t shake. Through the sessions, and the very comfortable surroundings Janet facilitated, I experienced what I can only explain as like a deep meditation which is having a very positive effect.”
— K. Wallace, BC, Canada