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Upgrade Your Brain.

Free Intro Hypnosis evening.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 6-9pm

Learn how you Hypnosis can help you reframe your life experience, overcome fear and habits and realize health and purpose through Hypnotherapy. This free intro includes discussion of and illustrations of how we use hypnosis everyday and how to harness it for your health and benefit. You’ll also get to experience a short, peaceful and positive guided experience. Join me for this fun and inspiring evening!.

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Mini Humanity Session

Strength through Connection

30 minute outreach sessions for $20.

To see you through any acute issues that are arising. Together let’s reconnect to peace, strength and light through whatever you are dealing with today.

I will offer these mini sessions as long as we are dealing with the Covid 19 crisis and hope that each of us can find and stay connected to balance and light.

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Are you ready to awaken and to tap into what fully excites and drives you?To dive into your aliveness and your truth?

I am here to empower, support and reassure you that you can confidently move toward what you want.  

I hold space for you in this beautiful process and transition as it unfolds.   

I hold space for you to step into your new, limitless understanding of your world for the greatest good of all.  

Our sessions together are full of true connection, sharing of practical and spiritual tools and powerful heart-centered guidance.  

Ready to harness the boundless imaginative power of your opening heart, mind, and soul? 

Bring creative solutions to real-life challenges.

Live life from a place of deeply connected, authentic joy.

What can you expect from our sessions? :


  • Better sleep, higher, cleaner energy
  • A shift in perspective, clearer life meaning, and enthusiasm
  • Alignment of heart, mind, body and soul.
  • Regain natural balance, self-connection and health
  • ​Address/relieve chronic issues that are related to the stress of soul disconnection
  • Email or phone support between sessions
“My experience with Janet has been fantastic. I was drawn to it more by curiosity and the knowing I had a great weight hanging over me that I couldn’t shake. Through the sessions, and the very comfortable surroundings Janet facilitated, I experienced what I can only explain as like a deep meditation which is having a very positive effect.”
— K. Wallace, BC, Canada