The Healing I Offer

Clinical Hypnotherapy

ReSource Soul Guidance Package

Available for 12 or 24 sessions or a full year package.  All sessions are by donation or pay what you can.   


  • Let’s Dive Deep.  Let’s transform you.  Together we will explore the pathways to your open-hearted, soul journey. Discover your true life purpose, highest potentials.  Step into graceful, grounded power and reflect out to the world around you. Love your life!
  • All packages are based on weekly connection, recordings of the sessions if desired, guidance and support between sessions by email or text as well as my holding light and space for you between sessions.

Sessions may be done by video conference,  phone or a combination of options.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

ReWard Free Intro Session

This 1.5 hour free Intro Session is to help you gain confidence and courage, to feel into whether we have aligned visions and will work well together.   

  • these intro sessions provide us with an opportunity to get to know one another and help us decide if we will be a good match for your desired inner growth.
  • The space I hold for you is big and expansive, full of exciting possibilities, integrity, and care.
  • I tailor your session to reflect what you need to feel alive and bring my open-heartedness and intuition to provide you with fresh and inspired direction.

Sessions may be done by video conference, phone or in person when conditions allow. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy

ReAwaken & ReWire Clinical Hypnotherapy

Number of sessions will vary depending on individuals needs from 1 session to a series of several. 4 to 6 sessions is typical for most issues.

All sessions are by donation: Pay what you can.

  • The objective of these sessions is the development of tangible lifelong tools of self discovery, including self hypnosis so that you can take the healing into all areas of your life.  Receive recordings to reinforce pathways for easier and stronger change.

Sessions may be done by video conference, or possibly in person when conditions allow.

Past Life Regressions

ReVisit Past Life Regression

Number of sessions will vary and sessions are 2-3 hours

  • Some issues defy logical connection. They have no known cause in your present life and therefore prove difficult to solve. Past life regression is a creative way of asking for answers, in the context of a living dream. It is a safeguarded way to speak to your subconscious mind, and release old, unneeded patterns and coping mechanisms.
  • Whether you are just generally curious, inexplicably drawn to different eras in history, struggle with an issue without reasonable cause or have intuitive messages that make you feel connected to a past occurrence, these sessions may provide you with a key.

Sessions are by video conference only.

Camino Preparation

ReOpen Camino Preparation Package

4 Pre-Camino Sessions. 1 Post-Camino Session. Recordings

  • “Camino Pilgrimage is something of a passion for me. I dreamt of it for a decade before I made the space to do it. I joyfully completed the Camino Frances in 2014 and again in 2017.
  • I offer this package to support and augment your independent walk but also offer in-person or skype support on the trail.  Contact me for more information about these options.

Sessions may be done by video conference,  phone or a combination of options.

“I am so grateful for the beautiful heartfelt guidance and wisdom I have received from Janet over the past year. In a very intuitive, loving and authentic way, she has helped me navigate the -sometimes intense- feelings and thoughts inside of me, bringing me to a place of openness in my heart, a greater clarity in my head and a deeper appreciation and love of who I am.  Thank you so much Janet.”
— S.H, New Zealand